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About JSDB

JSDB was created by James Wolfe in an attempt to collect a broad range of data about schools. The vast majority of the baseline data is from the US Federal government via the Private School Universe Survey and some tuition data from last year's spreadsheet.

Many thanks to all of the contributors last year and a special thanks to Hart Levine for leading me to the PSUS.

The end goal of the data collection is not 100% defined, but the target audience is meant to be the parent body as well as school administrators. The hope is that with the data in hand, they can come together and see how they compare to other schools, determine best-practices and hopefully find opportunities for savings and quality improvement.

If you are interested in helping out, we are looking for help with:

  • Data analysis
  • C# development
  • Database optimization/administration

If you are looking to contribute in these or other ways (ideas, financially, etc...), please let us know in the facebook group.